Happy Halloween


It is Halloween and their goblins about! This morning we woke up to ghosties in the pumpkin patch. Willow witch and Pumpkin witch were surprised to find them floating around the garden. These little ghosties were found at Wee Folk Art and were very simple to make.

Yesterday evening we did our annual pumpkin carving.

This year we got out the power tools. Look at the determination on Liam’s face!

Here are the finished products. Yes the third one says “Da Bears”.


Superhero stance for sure 🙂


What a scary vampire!

Happy Halloween!

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Story Table

At our house we tell a lot of stories. We do this by telling stories out loud, using a puppet theater, acting them out, and using our story table. The story table is our favorite way to tell stories and after the story is told, all are able to play out the story again or create new stories. The month of October we are using a story from Juniper Tree Puppetry about little Willow Witch. Juniper Tree Puppetry has a wonderful newsletter that sends out a story each month for you to use. We told the original story the first day and then added on to it through the month.

The story starts with Willow Witch in her pumpkin patch. She wishes for a baby and finds one behind the biggest pumpkin. She names her Pumpkin Witch. Soon Pumpkin Witch is a little girl and learning from her mother. The trees and pumpkins were found at Wee Folk Art, which has lots of seasonal crafts and patterns for free.

Later in the story we find out Willow Witch is a healer and goes throughout the forest collecting herbs, berries, and spices to heal the animals and people of the forest. She heals a squirrel, an owl, and a mother’s little child. Both witches enjoy healing others and soon little Pumpkin Witch will help a little animal sick and alone on Halloween night.

Delaney made a story too. It was a lovely story that had a raft ride, flying pumpkins, and a good night song.

A visitor is coming to pick a pumpkin to bring home for Halloween.

The audience.

And after the story it turns into a lunch table, yum acorn soup with pine cone biscuits and rock stew.

The story table has many uses for imagination and fun.

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DIY…Fixing my Wash Machine

When ever we can, we fix our own things. My husband has fixed many things on the car, the dishwasher, the computer, and the wash machine. I rely on him to fix most things around the house but today was my day, as Justin was not available. He was getting ready for a week long confrenced and would need to live right after he packed. The thought of a water filled wash machine sitting there for five days getting gross was not what I wanted, let alone no laundry for five days! So I took a deep breath and gave it a go.

I got out the dolly to move the washer out onto the back deck but that did not work for me at all. So instead I used my legs to shimmy the washer out of the house. Lucky that is not to far. Once out on the deck I took off the back panel and said, “Now what?” I found a handy website that told me what to do for a slow draining wash machine. I used all my strength and a pliers to get one hose disconnected and was able to drain the water, yea!. I found two pennies and a strange black rubber piece in the drain hose. Then Justin came home and took a look. He flipped the washer on its side and told me to check the other hoses and the pump. After taking all of that apart I found a shoe lace in the pump. Now where did that come from? No one was missing a shoelace, no clothes with laces on them had recently been washed, I didn’t have any spare laces lying around, hmmmm.

After all that me and Killian put it all back together and voila! The washer if fixed. I don’t think I will ever be a wash machine repair lady but it does feel good to do something yourself 🙂


Here are some pictures from the adventure. I only have ones from the end because I was so wrapped up in the work.

Killian putting the last screw into the back panel.

Here were the culprits, two pennies and a shoe string. How did that get in there?

Look at the shape of that penny. How long was it in there?

Found this piece in one of the hoses. Does this belong in the washing machine, I don’t know. Well this did not make this back in to the machine but I am keeping it just incase.

Only one small cut on my hand. Over all this was a pretty successful endeavor.

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Homeschool Co-Op Day

Every Friday we attend a wonderful homeschool co-op called Central Wisconsin Holistic Homeschoolers. We come together from all over central Wisconsin to go on outings, creating lasting friendships, and to have experiential learning opportunities Here is a look at what we did last Friday.

We started the day at Memory Lane Pumpkin Patch.

Here is Martin hitching up the horses Bess and Judy who pulled the hay ride.

It was a windy cloudy day but the wagon ride was still nice. We went through the woods and around the corn field.

After our ride we went through the corn maze. Liam was lost for a few minutes but Delaney found him, of course he was not worried at all.

Lastly we got our pumpkins. Killian is following the family rule that the pumpkin you get you carry yourself.

After lunch we went to North County Park. The bridge is more wobbly than it looks.

Here we go across the bridge! The kids are jumping up and down and you feel like you might fall down. Fun!

Using our muscles to climb the rock walls.

The river leading to the lake.

What a beautiful day to enjoy with friends!

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Little Moments…Forts

During the day my kids spend a lot of time building forts. They build forts in their rooms, they build forts in the living room, they build forts in the basement, and sometimes they even build forts in the kitchen. I love how they use all sorts of things for their creations, but all the forts seem to use blankets, and books.

This fort is in Killian’s room. Note the use of books to hold up the roof.

Here is the living room fort in progress.


Second fort in the living room, everyone needs their own….

even the dog 🙂

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Fall Fun

One of the nicest beds I know

Isn’t a bed of soft white snow,

Isn’t a bed of cool green grass

After the noisy mowers pass,

Isn’t a bed of yellow hay

making me itch for half a day

but autumn leaves in a pile that high,

deep, and smelling like fall, and dry.

That’s the bed where I like to lie

and watch the flutters of fall go by.

Leaves are what I remember most from fall as a child. We had a big maple tree in the backyard that made huge piles of leaves. Me and my sisters would jump in them all day, sometimes we would even jump out of the tree into the pile. My children will not remember the leaves so much as the pine needles. When we first moved to pine tree country I thought, wow no leaves to rake. But I have to say the pine needles fall just as thick as the leaves.

Starting out with a small pile near the pine trees.

Rake, rake, rake!


Even the dog, Gaia, gets in on the fun.

Looks more like itchy hay to me 🙂

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Little Moments

Little Moments are pieces of our day that make our life we live wonderful. I believe these little moments of each day shape us and therefore, shape our lives.




Face painting and pre-Halloween ideas.



The cute blue bird is our school bell. We ring this sweet bell to start our homeschool day. The candle is lit when we are doing work at the table. These are two things that anchor our school day.



A walk in the rain, you can’t beat that!


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Today I turn 34, and it was a pretty good day. It started with a happy birthday and a chocolate bar Killian bought with his own money. Delaney told me she would cook for me today so I helped her make lunch. We made a new recipe from the cooking class I am taking called Whole Foods Kitchen. The recipe called for kale, pineapple, and caramelized onions served over quinoa topped with pumpkin seeds. It was delicious and all the kids tried it and some was eaten 🙂




We spent a lot of  time outside today playing in the windy weather. We do not have many leaves in out yard but, man, have we got the pine needles.




This is our backyard trail littered with pine needles.



My wonderful neighbor stopped by in the afternoon and gave me a fondue pot and my lovely husband scheduled me for a massage, not to mention all of the birthday wishes I had today. Looking around at all my family and friends makes me feel like this life, is pretty good. 34 is going to be an awesome year!


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What’s Cookin’…Kraut

Well, I dove into the world of fermentation this week and I am really excited. I have been reading about the health benefits of fermented food and am happy to give it a try. This is actually the second food I am turning into fermented kraut. I used spinach in the spring using this recipe and it was delicious. I used it as a topping for eggs and chicken.

This time I used purple cabbage and apples for my sauerkraut. I used the book Wild Fermentation as my guide. I started by chopping up one apple and one head of cabbage. I mixed them together and added 1 tablespoon of salt. I mashed it all up and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Next I put the mixture into a quart jar and pushed everything down until it was covered by the juices. Then I put a metal two piece lid on.

Everyday I would open the jar to let any gasses escape and then replace the lid. Look at the bubbles in this picture, cool huh! On the third day we tried it and it was yummy. Liam liked it so much he was licking the spoon and asking for more, he will eat anything. I let it sit out for two more days and then we tried it on a curried lentil dish. It was very good mixed together.

I have started another kraut using bok choi and I am excited to try it. Tomorrow I am going to put some on my eggs.

So there it is, kraut. Truthfully I have never liked sauerkraut but making it myself it tastes really good. I don’t know if it because it is really good or because I chopped everything myself. I have a feeling it is a little bit of both.



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Golden October

Hooray, October is here again. October is my favorite month, not just because it is my birthday but because of the beautiful colors , cooler temperatures,   and earlier nights. Getting the kids in bed early and sitting up with a book or a show is such a nice quiet way to spend an evening. It is nice to slow down from the summer running to sit and just be.  Here is a poem and some pictures of the beautiful October color.

Golden is the garden

Golden is the glen

Golden, golden, golden

October’s here again!

Golden are the tree tops

Golden is the sky

Golden, golden, golden,

October’s here again!

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