Fall Fun

on October 12, 2012

One of the nicest beds I know

Isn’t a bed of soft white snow,

Isn’t a bed of cool green grass

After the noisy mowers pass,

Isn’t a bed of yellow hay

making me itch for half a day

but autumn leaves in a pile that high,

deep, and smelling like fall, and dry.

That’s the bed where I like to lie

and watch the flutters of fall go by.

Leaves are what I remember most from fall as a child. We had a big maple tree in the backyard that made huge piles of leaves. Me and my sisters would jump in them all day, sometimes we would even jump out of the tree into the pile. My children will not remember the leaves so much as the pine needles. When we first moved to pine tree country I thought, wow no leaves to rake. But I have to say the pine needles fall just as thick as the leaves.

Starting out with a small pile near the pine trees.

Rake, rake, rake!


Even the dog, Gaia, gets in on the fun.

Looks more like itchy hay to me 🙂

One response to “Fall Fun

  1. No Liam in the pictures. Must have been when he was playing with the toothpaste.

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