DIY…Fixing my Wash Machine

on October 23, 2012

When ever we can, we fix our own things. My husband has fixed many things on the car, the dishwasher, the computer, and the wash machine. I rely on him to fix most things around the house but today was my day, as Justin was not available. He was getting ready for a week long confrenced and would need to live right after he packed. The thought of a water filled wash machine sitting there for five days getting gross was not what I wanted, let alone no laundry for five days! So I took a deep breath and gave it a go.

I got out the dolly to move the washer out onto the back deck but that did not work for me at all. So instead I used my legs to shimmy the washer out of the house. Lucky that is not to far. Once out on the deck I took off the back panel and said, “Now what?” I found a handy website that told me what to do for a slow draining wash machine. I used all my strength and a pliers to get one hose disconnected and was able to drain the water, yea!. I found two pennies and a strange black rubber piece in the drain hose. Then Justin came home and took a look. He flipped the washer on its side and told me to check the other hoses and the pump. After taking all of that apart I found a shoe lace in the pump. Now where did that come from? No one was missing a shoelace, no clothes with laces on them had recently been washed, I didn’t have any spare laces lying around, hmmmm.

After all that me and Killian put it all back together and voila! The washer if fixed. I don’t think I will ever be a wash machine repair lady but it does feel good to do something yourself 🙂


Here are some pictures from the adventure. I only have ones from the end because I was so wrapped up in the work.

Killian putting the last screw into the back panel.

Here were the culprits, two pennies and a shoe string. How did that get in there?

Look at the shape of that penny. How long was it in there?

Found this piece in one of the hoses. Does this belong in the washing machine, I don’t know. Well this did not make this back in to the machine but I am keeping it just incase.

Only one small cut on my hand. Over all this was a pretty successful endeavor.

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