Story Table

on October 25, 2012

At our house we tell a lot of stories. We do this by telling stories out loud, using a puppet theater, acting them out, and using our story table. The story table is our favorite way to tell stories and after the story is told, all are able to play out the story again or create new stories. The month of October we are using a story from Juniper Tree Puppetry about little Willow Witch. Juniper Tree Puppetry has a wonderful newsletter that sends out a story each month for you to use. We told the original story the first day and then added on to it through the month.

The story starts with Willow Witch in her pumpkin patch. She wishes for a baby and finds one behind the biggest pumpkin. She names her Pumpkin Witch. Soon Pumpkin Witch is a little girl and learning from her mother. The trees and pumpkins were found at Wee Folk Art, which has lots of seasonal crafts and patterns for free.

Later in the story we find out Willow Witch is a healer and goes throughout the forest collecting herbs, berries, and spices to heal the animals and people of the forest. She heals a squirrel, an owl, and a mother’s little child. Both witches enjoy healing others and soon little Pumpkin Witch will help a little animal sick and alone on Halloween night.

Delaney made a story too. It was a lovely story that had a raft ride, flying pumpkins, and a good night song.

A visitor is coming to pick a pumpkin to bring home for Halloween.

The audience.

And after the story it turns into a lunch table, yum acorn soup with pine cone biscuits and rock stew.

The story table has many uses for imagination and fun.

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