What’s Cookin’…Sprouts

on November 3, 2012

Recently I have tried sprouting some beans to use in my cooking. I have been reading about how sprouted food is easier to digest and increases the amount of enzymes and vitamins.  I used the method in this post to sprout my beans. We started with chickpeas. I put the beans in a jar and covered them with water, then I let them sit for two hours. Then I drained and rinsed the beans and put a piece of nylon stocking over the jar opening and put the metal screw top on. I put the jar in a bowl upside down to let the water drip out and then put it in the dark pantry. I rinsed the beans twice a day for three days and this is what they looked like.

Afterward we roasted the chickpeas and had a yummy snack. And yes this little one is dipping his roasted chickpeas in peanut butter.

Next we moved onto sprouting lentils. I used the same method as above to sprout them. I only sprouted them for two days instead of three. The kids were eating them raw and loving them.

After eating some raw we used the rest to make a lentil stew. I got the recipe from a wonderful cooking class I am taking called the Whole Foods Kitchen.

!Here is the meal we had for lunch that day,lentil stew, broccoli, and homemade sauerkraut. The kids all tried it too. Liam at it all, of course, and the other two liked the lentil but not the kraut. Oh well, at least they tried it.

After this experience I think we will be seeing more sprouting in our future.

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