on November 4, 2012

I love the changing of the seasons, how each has it’s own distinct feelings. Spring has the feeling of renewal, of starting new things, and of growth. Summer feels like playtime when you try to fit everything you can into the short season we have here in Wisconsin. Autumn brings a new kind of busyness, of preparing for winter and enjoying every last day of warmth and sun for we know it will soon end. Lastly winter, where you feel slowness and coziness. Where there is a turning inward, and time to think and dream and prepare for the next great venture.

Each month slowly takes you through a different part of each season.  Autumn slowly comes upon us with September. It  is still hot, still time for one more swim, one more boast ride, a last hurrah of all things hot. The garden is overflowing, along with the farm markets and my farm share box. Which leads to a full kitchen and a crazy time of preserving for winter. My husband will tell you the kitchen was a disaster for most of September while I worked on my new canning skills.

October is such a joyous month. It starts with an explosion of color that gets you out and about. We do yard work and last minute fix it projects to prepare for the winter ahead. This month ends with the frost covered leaves on the ground and a true feeling that winter is upon us.

November is the last bit of time to get ready for winter. Everything has slowed down outside, in the garden, the animals, ourselves. It is truly a time to turn inward and enjoy being cozy together inside. Out come the games, cards, art projects, the movies we didn’t have time to watch in the summer. I am ready for this quiet time of year, where I have time think and dream of the next year to come.

Here are some pictures from my November garden.




Now it is November,

Trees are nearly bare;

Red and gold and brown leaves

Scatter everywhere.

Dark now, are the mornings,

Cold and frosty too;

Damp and misty evenings

Chill us through and through.

Busy are all creatures,

Winter food to hide;

Nests to make all cozy,

Warm and safe inside.

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