St Nick’s Day

on December 7, 2012



Today was St. Nick’s Day. This is a day I have celebrated since I was a little girl and love sharing with my children now. I remember waking up and seeing what was left by good St. Nick. When I was little I did not know much about him or the stories about the man but I have found some wonderful things at the St. Nicolas Center. The new things I have learned make me love this day more than when I was a kid. St. Patrick is known as the patron saint of children. When he was young his parents died and  left him money and a love of God. With this he went on to be Bishop Nicolas of Myra. He remembered his suffering from the loss his parents and did good deeds for children when ever he could. Now he comes on the night of his birthday and brings children the things they need.



My children got fruit, a few coins, a book, and a candy cane. This is such a nice day to celebrate and enjoy a small gift before the over abundance at Christmas. The St. Nicolas Story shown above was a winner! All the the kids loved it, great for kids  8 and under. The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy was also a wonderful story about the birth of Jesus and how amazing he was. King Beetle Tamer has adventure stories, which Killian really enjoys.



Here is my attempt at a Saint Nicolas cookie. The kids seemed to like it! This went with a story called The Baker’s Dozen.

I think spending the week talking about St. Nick had them looking forward to this day and I really liked how they loved the stories. And now we are headed toward Christmas and the return of the sun. I love this time of year!



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