Project Simplify…To Illustrate the Point

on December 18, 2012

A few days after I started my basement project I had made some good progress. I had taken a pile of things to a thrift store in town, made a path in the playroom, and shelves were filling up nicely. I brought my camera down to take pictures of the progress and later that night, when I went to download, the camera was no where to be found. So to illustrate the point of project simplify is to be able to find something I need when I need it and not have to wade through stuff to find it. I did find the camera  in the basement two days later, thank goodness 🙂

To illustrate another point of this project the lost camera shows that I have to put things back where they belong.  Clearing out and organizing  will be the easy part of this process, but keeping it up is the hard part. I seem to be in the middle of something and all of the sudden the kids need something, the oven timer goes off, the dog throws up, and I stop what I am doing and think I will come back later to put it away. But later never comes and things stay where they are. I have been reading a book called The Power of Less. It gives you ideas on  how to declutter your space and declutter your time. It says that if we work on one change for a month it will become a habit. The key to success is to pick a small goal. I think expecting to put everything away might be too big of a goal so I going to work on the kitchen. The kitchen is a high use place and if I can keep the dishes put away, toys off the counter, and ingredients back in the cabinets my day will run smoother. This next step I will start in the new year.

Here are some updated pictures of the basement.


You can see some of the playroom floor here. Good progress I think!


Sewing table up and running and things filling up the shelves.


Another shelf in and filled up with kids activities. Is this still too much? I may have to look over the shelves one more time before I call it good. Well time to get back to work.

2 responses to “Project Simplify…To Illustrate the Point

  1. Kristen says:

    Looks great! We need shelves like this in our basement… right now I have everything on the floor, stacked to the ceiling. I love that your shelves aren’t FULL. It’s so overwhelming when things get crowded (and lost).
    Kristen @ Trial and Error Homemaking

    • emilyrconner says:

      Thanks Kristen! As you saw by the first picture I still have some to go but hope to have some room left on the shelves when I am finished. I hope to be done by Saturday but we will see.

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