Project Simplicity…The Next Step

on January 8, 2013

After the great success in the basement I decided to keep rolling and tackle my next enemy, the laundry/mudroom. This would be a fine space for a mudroom or a laundry room but when you put both together it becomes tiny and messy and sometimes you cannot even enter the room. This time of year is especially tough with big coats, snow pants, boots, shoes, accessories for different levels of cold, and snowmobile gear, plus I need to leave space to dry wet things. It is hard to fit it all in but fit it all in I must. I started this step by again clearing everything out of the room and here is how it looks.


There was a white shelving unit in the open space that held shoes, socks, and other miscellaneous things.


As you can see I did not take everything off the shelves this time. The snowmobile helmets will stay and the laundry detergent and some of the other cleaners will stay too.


The back of the door holds bags, shoes go on the floor, and before someone ripped the hangers off the wall, all of the kids had coats hanging there. Do you like those rips in the drywall :/


Now for all of the things I took out of the laundry/mudroom. Here we have the shelves from the corner and baskets of things that used to be hanging or on the floor.


Oh yes, one more basket of hanging things and more baskets.

So now that the room is cleared out and I am ready for the task of getting almost all of these things back into the small room without chaos ensuing. We have some new shelving planned along with a cabinet and more hanging space. It will take some good organizing skills but I am confidant I can make it fit 🙂 At least for now I can get to the washing machine, better start another load while I can!

2 responses to “Project Simplicity…The Next Step

  1. patfojut says:

    Dad likes your organizational skills, I am proud of you and the family

  2. Emily, you have the same problem I do!! I give you a ton of credit for tackling those jobs. It’s hard to stay organized. I completely agree with you on the combo mud-room/laundry room. Plus, ours is a half bath too! Ugh. Do you think that toilet ever gets used for what it’s meant for? Nope. Just holds my laundry baskets. And the sink is a receptacle for hats and mittens in the winter! Multi-purpose rooms are a bad idea. 🙂

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