Unexpected Organizing

on January 9, 2013

Today Killian decided that he needs his own room, which is not gonna happen. But still he spent the morning coming up with ways for him to have his own room, for example my craft room, the dinning room, Liam could sleep in the closet, we could construct a wall, you get the picture. All of this led to rearranging the room Liam and Killian share. We decided they could each have a side. Killian already had shelves and a wire to hang pictures on so we did the same for Liam. I found some Liam size shelves and hung a Liam sized wire. Since there are two closets in their room we decided they could each have one. Up until now one was for clothes and the other was for toys and books. I brought the shelves up, hung the wire, and then told Killian I had to make lunch and we could finish up later. Well, he decided to take matters into his own hands and switched the closets all by himself, with a little help from Liam and Delaney. I think he did a pretty good job. Here is a look at Killian’s closet project.




What a disaster! This was on my to do list but it was so easy to close the door and forget about it 🙂 This will become Liam’s closet.


This is the clothes closet the boys were sharing. This will become Killian’s closet.


Here is the rest of the clothes closet. Liam’s clothes are on the right hand shelves and in some boxes on the ground.


The kids are folding all of Liam’s clothes before they go into his new closet.


Here is Liam’s new closet. There were a few more clothes to put in after the picture but it looks pretty nice. Let’s see how long the books stay on the shleves:)


Killian now has all of his toys and games in this closet.


The shelves that held the Liam’s clothes now house Killian’s books.

Killian did a lot of hard work and he was pretty tired by the end. I am glad he took this on himself and proud that he did not complain or rely on me when things were getting difficult. Maybe this will inspire him to keep it clean.

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