Project Simplicity…Laundry Room Complete

on January 11, 2013

Well the laundry/mudroom is complete! This time I had a lot of help from Justin and Killian. They stayed up late into the night assembling a cabinet, putting up shelves, and putting up hangers. The next day I put everything back in the room and I have to say, it is still a lot of stuff in a little space. Now it is much better because there is nothing on the floor, which is very exciting because that was the main problem in the room. With the new storage spaces we have utilized more of the wall space and that has made all the difference.


Justin and Killian assembling the cabinet that will replaced the white shelves.


Cabinet in place with a new counter top too! Justin also put up a new wire shelf above the cabinet. We have plans for one more shelf above it. On the right you can see coats hanging. Justin added the lower hanger for the kids coats and snowpants.


Not a huge change here, but I pared down the cleaning supplies and we added a hanging basket.


Ahhh, a place for shoes and boots! They used to be piled on the floor but we have gotten most of them onto these shelves. I tried to keep the kids to a pair of boots and one pair of shoes. I have two boots and one pair of shoes in this room and Justin has them same. We also put the grown up snowpants and snowmobile jacket on the back of the door. In the past, these things could not fit and they went, well I don’t’ know just not here. In the hanging bag I have the kids snowmobile gloves and face masks. They bags that used to be here now hang above the bench.

So there you have it. A laundry/mudroom you can walk in and everything that we need packed in as well. Now time for some laundry!


2 responses to “Project Simplicity…Laundry Room Complete

  1. patfojut says:

    I am glad you like your mud room, enjoy the laundry

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