Homemade…Whipped Coconut Oil Moistureizer

on January 24, 2013

Today I wanted to show you what I usually use for a moisturizer, coconut oil. Coconut oil is great, it is natural, absorbs completely into the skin, and smells great.


But coconut oil can be difficult to use depending on the weather. This time of year in Wisconsin the oil is completely solid. To make it easier to use I whipped it with my stand mixer. I started by scooping half of the coconut oil from the jar into my stand mixer.



Next I put on the whisk attachment and whipped it until it was smooth and fluffy. I didn’t time it, I just waited until it looked good to me.


I scooped the whipped coconut oil into a container and put it on my bathroom counter. I use this on my face, lips, and body. I like it and it has helped with some of my eczema problems.


This is just one way to use coconut oil. This post has some information about why coconut oil is so awesome and how to use it.

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