Books…The Hard Desicions

on January 31, 2013

Oh, how I do love books! I think they are one of my most favorite things in the world. When I am not busy, caring for children, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, spending time outside, sewing, or crafting I am reading ūüôā I love many kinds of books but I have a special place in my heart for children’s books. That is why the kids books have been the hardest part of my simplifying journey. After emptying the book closet I looked at the huge pile of books and wondered, can you have too many books? I have to say my mind had a hard time answering that question, I mean really how can you have too many books! But then I began to think about books from when I was little and one book jumped right out at me.


My¬†Treasury¬†of Rhymes is a book that my Grandma Violet would read to me and my sisters when we were at her house. She did not have many children’s books from what I can remember but this one I remember well. These pictures and rhymes run through my head to this day. This book is special. We read this book so many times that even as an adult I coan see Curly Locks sitting on her cushion to sew a fine seam and Wynken, Blynken, and Nod sailing off in¬†their¬†wooden shoe. So what made this book so special that I can remember it as an adult? I know, it is because I heard it over and over again, because the pictures are beautiful, because the language is rich,¬†because¬†my Grandma Violet read it too me.


I want my children to read as many books as pleases them but I also want the books that we own to be special. So after all of that thinking and looking at a big pile of books I made a list. This list helped me figure out what kind of books I wanted to own so that we could weed out the not special books that clutter up the closet.




For a book to be special:

1. It must be a story we all want to read over and over again.

2. If there are pictures they must be beautiful.

3. The language must be rich and the story line/rhymes/poems timeless.

4. They must be something I would want to pass on to my grandchildren.


After I made my list I went through the books with the kids and we found the special books. Many fit this all of these categories but many did not so I also made a secondary list for books that were good but not quite special.

For a book to be good:

1. It must be a story we all want to read over and over again.

2. The pictures must be beautiful.


These books include easy reader books like the Piggie and Gerald, book that are good now but I wouldn’t save for the grandchildren like The Hippo-Not-Amus, anything Aurthur, and The Magic Tree House Series, and of course non-fiction books as well.

After going through all of the books, picking only the good and special books, I made categories to organize them. I made seasonal groups to bring a certain amount of books out at a time so no one gets overwhelmed  This way that small pile of books can be read over and over again during a season and then they can be put away to make room for a new set of books. The non seasonal books were put on three shelves in small groups to make them easy to look through.


I put the chapter books and books we are not quiet ready for in Killians closet and I put a group of books aimed more for Delaney in her closet.



So I did it. I got rid of books and it feels good. The books we want to read are front and center. Now, I wonder which books will be on each kids speical list when they grow up, hmmmm.


p.s. The book My Treasury of Rhymes was given to me by my Grandma Violet when Killian was two. I had always wanted the book but never said anything and she gave it to me as a surprise. Now the book is even more special than before and I tell my kids about it whenever we read that book together. That kind of specialness is something I want to pass on to my kids.

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  1. patfojut says: is a fun way to share books, where did your books go?

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