Homeschool Lesson Helpers

on February 5, 2013

My children are ages 3, 5, and 8 and as homeschoolers we do a lot of learning together. Many things work well with everybody, like stories, science projects, songs, seasonal activities, and even history. I find that each child takes away different things from our lessons depending on their age. But some things don’t work for the group. I have different math and reading activities for each of the kids so I work one-on-one with them. During this time, I find the other two want something to do too. In the past, I have tried audiobooks, computer time, coloring, and playing in the other room but I found something new, busy bins.

I have one big red bin for each child with their name on it. Inside their bin is a worksheet and another fun activity. The bin below if for Liam, 3 years old. He does not get a worksheet but sometimes I include plain paper and crayons. In the bin is a hammer, golf tees, and a hard piece of foam packaging. He spent a long time hammering the tees in and pulling them out. I get a lot of idea for Liam at this site, which is all about Montessori activities.



This bin is for Delaney, 5 years old. She has  a sheet to practice writing out her numbers and a lLite-Brite. For part of her one-on-one lesson we worked on patterns. I had her make patterns on the Lite-Brite and then she could make anything she liked.



This bin is for Killian, 8 years old. He has connectagons to make 3-D shapes. He also has a math and phonics sheet which didn’t make it into the bin before I took the pictures.



I have used many things in these bins including puzzles, sorting manipulatives, tangrams, magnet play, secret codes, and legos. I put something different in the bins each week so I don’t have to worry about switching them everyday. If someone gets board with what they have I let them color or use things in  one of the other two bins, the kids don’t mind sharing if it is their turn at the board. 

Some day I may need to try something new but for now these bins are a great way to keep everyone occupied and on task while I am working one-on-one.

Homeschooling, as ever changing as life itself.

One response to “Homeschool Lesson Helpers

  1. These bins look fantastic! Great ideas!

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