Mindfulness….Salt Mandalas

on February 27, 2013

Lately, I have been trying to be more mindful. I realized that sometimes I am busy thinking about something coming up and not being in the moment so I have been reading up on mindfulness and meditation. My friend and yoga instructor Heidi lent me a book called, Child’s Mind, which is a children’s book of mindfulness practices. This book has been a wonderful way for me to get started in meditation and it has given me some fun activities to introduce mindfulness and meditation to my kids. We have been using some activities from the book and all of my kids really enjoy them and ask to play them more than once.

I have also found a great site called called Here We Are Together. She has a bunch of posts on mindfulness and meditation with children. One of her recent posts was about water color painting on salt mandalas. I decided to try it and it went very nicely.

I started by using glue to make mandala patterns on white cardstock. I made enough for two per person, including me.  I did this the night before so they would dry and be ready for painting in the morning.


I sprinkled salt on the glue right after I made each design. Make sure the salt covers the glue well because the watercolor paint does not stick to glue. I poured off the extra salt to save for the next mandala.


The next day we got out our water colors, a candle, and some relaxing music I found on Pandora Radio. We took three slow breathes while saying

I am breathing in

I am breathing out

I am happy

Oh so happy

Then we quietly painted and listened and thought. Here are some pictures of our painting session.







Everyone was relaxed after this activity and they all went off and played together nicely while I made lunch. I will defiantly be making some more to have on hand for anytime the energy gets high and we need a calming activity. I hope you all try this.


One response to “Mindfulness….Salt Mandalas

  1. Miri says:

    Wow, your mandalas look fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

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