Project Simplicity….The Kitchen, Almost Done

on March 6, 2013

Well the kitchen is coming along very nicely. After I took all of the cooking/baking/eating objects out of the kitchen and rearranged them, life in the kitchen has been easier. Although the counters still get messy and crowded with things I have noticed it takes less time to get the kitchen straightened up again. Also, when I put things away I am not cramming them into tight spots because everything has a spot of its own. This really has cut down my time cleaning the kitchen and complaining about the cleaning the kitchen in my head 🙂

After getting the first round organizing done, I worked on the recipes flying around my cupboard. I got them all in plastic sleeves and into a binder, why had I not done this before!


Next I worked on my spices and baking ingredients. I had a lot of dried spices from my garden and farm box from the summer. It was so nice to refill all of my small jars to make these herbs and spices accessible.  I also spent time making some spices mixes and tea mixes. Now the spices and herbs are being used!


I have also taken out most of my decorations from the kitchen space. I am planning on doing some spring cleaning in the next week, like washing walls, cabinet fronts, baseboards, floors, and windows. By taking all the decorations out it will be quicker to get the scrubbing done.


I also tackled the junk drawer this week. I had been avoiding it because it is such a mes,s but when I couldn’t close the drawer anymore I new it was time.


We emptied the whole drawer out on the living room rug and got to work. I realized that there were a lot of things that just needed to get to their spots in a different part of the house. I was putting little things in the drawer to put away later and never really did it.


Now that the drawer is clean I have a new plan. I have one little can where I can put things that go to another spot in the house. When the can is full I need to empty it, we will see how it goes.


So the kitchen is looking really good and has become more functional.  The last clutter in the kitchen is under the sink. I will tackle that another day, but until then, I will continue to enjoy my kitchen.


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