Mindfulness…Play Dough Mandalas

on March 10, 2013


As we continue on our mindfulness journey, we have added another activity to our rotation, play dough mandalas! This mindfulness activity was inspired by Mama Rosemary. Mama Rosemary used flowers and spices but we decided to use rocks and marbles. This was not only a lesson in concentrating on the moment and calming ourselves, it was also a lesson on impermanence. After we made our beautiful mandalas, Liam asked to keep his to display. I told him that this was our play dough and since we like to play with it we would need to take our mandalas apart. I told him we could take pictures so we could always see them. He seemed satisfied with that and after the pictures he calmly took all of the rocks out and then began to play with the play dough. It was a wonderfully calming experience. The kids enjoyed picking out just the right rocks and finding the perfect place for them to go.

I followed the same order as we have for our other mindfulness activities. We started with 3 breathes and our gatha, mindfulness poem.

I am breathing in

I am breathing out

I am happy 

Oh so happy

Next I turned on some relaxing music and handed out the play dough. I told them to to cover their paper plates with play dough. Once their plates were covered I put out a big bin of rocks and marbles. I explained to them that a mandala is a circle pattern that starts in the middle. They each picked one special rock to place in the middle and worked their way out from there. Here are some pictures of our play dough mandalas.













One response to “Mindfulness…Play Dough Mandalas

  1. These are great. I love the rocks and the colors. Thanks for linking back.

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