You Never Know What Will Happen Next

on April 24, 2013

This January Justin and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. So for this special event we decided to do something we have not done in 10 years, go on a long vacation, just the two of us. So at the very end of March we boarded a plan and headed to the beautiful island of Antigua.



When we left Wisconsin it was cold, windy, and snow covered. Arriving in Antigua it was 85 and sunny, sunny, sunny. It felt so good to be warm, and so relaxing to spend time with my husband and not have to be responsible for the kids.  Everything was so bright and beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of it.








But you never know what will happen next.

By the middle of the week Justin told me his eye sight was getting blurry and by the last day he had completely lost his sight. Thousands of miles from home and a medical problem, very scary. We boarded our plan home unsure of what was really going on with his eyes. When we arrived home we went to Lens Crafters to get an idea of what we were dealing with. They told us to go immediately to the ER.

When we arrived he was given a CT scan, it showed nothing. He was given an MRI, showed all was fine. He was seen by an ophthalmologist, he was unsure of  the cause. And finally he was seen by the neurologist who figured out he had high pressure in his spinal column. They were able to lower the pressure and put him on medication to keep it down. The reason he lost his vision was because the pressure irritated his optic nerve and the swelling around the nerve stopped it from transmitting information. He spent 6 days in the hospital, while the doctors tried to figure out why this was happening. On day four, a neurosurgeon put in a lumbar shunt to lower the pressure some more, this worked well as his sight began to return. The doctors did many many tests to figure out why this happened and came up with pseudotumor cerebri. Which means pressure rises for no known reasons but the symptoms resemble that of a tumor. So they just don’t know what caused this.

He has been out of the hospital a little over and week and with the pressure down and the swelling decreasing his sight is slowly returning. We are feeling positive about the progress but we don’t know if all of it will return. As scary as this was and the uncertainty about the future I am still feeling positive. I am so thankful for him in my life, and sight or no sight I love him just the same.

We did have a good time on our vacation but Justin said we have to go back, because he missed half of it 🙂










One response to “You Never Know What Will Happen Next

  1. mummyshymz says:

    Oh it must have been scary for the both of you. Antigua is beautiful!

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