Project Simplicity…What I’ve Learned So Far

on May 25, 2013

It has been about 6 months since I started Project Simplicity and I am happy to report that I am pleased with the results so far.I also realize that there is much more to do. For project simplicity is not just about getting rid of the things I don’t need, it is about doing the things I want to do and having things that I truly appreciate.



The pantry is still organized and the microwave has finally left the house.

Over the last six months I have thrown away, recycled, donated, given to friends, and taken to the free table at my local MOPS all of our excess stuff. Amazingly, I still had enough stuff that to have a rummage sale last weekend. It wasn’t gigantic but it was enough that I didn’t want to haul all of it. We sold enough to only take one small trip to Goodwill. I feel like I have learned a lot in the last few months about stuff and what it means to me. I never thought of myself as someone who is emotionally attached to things but there are a few pieces that have been hard to let go of. I also know that I have the tendency to look at something and think, “yea, I could do something with that, I don’t know what but something.” So I keep things that I might not use for years.


Junk drawer has a reasonable amount of stuff.

So here is what I have learned so far in this journey to simplicity.

1. Your work is never done. Someone grows out of clothes, you don’t like that picture anymore, someone stops playing a sport. There will always be things to move out and onto someone else.

2. When cleaning out a space, weather it be a drawer or a whole room take everything out. It makes it easier to see it all and you can put back only the most important things.

3. Some things are hard to let go of. I was in the basement again this week and found somethings that I wondered why I kept likes some games we never play or old baby things I kept around just in case.  Some things take time to give up. So it is always good to go through a space every few months to take stock and maybe some things you will be ready to let go of.

4. If you do this for yourself your family will follow along. My kids will give me things and tell me they are done with them and I can give them to someone else now. This happens a few times a month.

5. Even though I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff the house still gets messy. You need to keep the things you choose to keep in the right spots. And by the way, the dishes won’t do themselves, no matter how few you have 🙂

6. A less cluttered house makes it easier to clean up. Even if the house gets messy the clean up time is easier because the things I have have their own places. As long as I put them in their places the house looks and is organized.


Kids playroom in basement with lots of room to play.

Well there you have it. I think a little more decluttering and I will have the majority of it out of my house and I will move into maintaining and move on to doing the things I really want to do.


The worst bit of clutter in my house. Hopefully many of these things will be going shortly.

2 responses to “Project Simplicity…What I’ve Learned So Far

  1. JD says:

    This is really cool. I’m in the process of learning point 1 and 3. I think I was in a rush to get rid of everything and was unhappy when I realized it wasn’t going to be that easy. Now I’m easier on myself and know it takes time and that’s okay.

  2. good for you! this is a really hard thing to do. I get totally attached to sentimental stuff and my hubby throws SO much stuff away that we need! lol 😀 we are a good balance!
    Good reminder to keep at it thank you 🙂
    Came by from Frugally Sustainable

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