A Present From Great Grandma Darcy

on June 6, 2013

Delaney is just about to have a birthday and every year my grandparents give her a small present and some money to spend. So this year, I knew the perfect place to take her, The Wisconsin Wool Exchange in Stevens Point. This is a great little fiber store with local and non-local yarn and roving. Over the last year Delaney has learned how to knit and how to needle felt and she just loves it. My Grandma Darcy is a big knitter, so I thought this would be just the right thing to buy with the money she gave to Delaney.

Here Delaney is using her new yarn, called Fire Wine, she loves the name. While we were picking out yarn she saw some fingerless gloves and decided that was the project for her. We are planning for her to knit a rectangle and then sew up the side, making sure to leave a thumb hole. She is very excited.


Here is the wool roving, carded but unspun sheeps wool, that we will use for needle felting.TOSHIBA CAMCORDER

Delaney is using the felting needle to felt the roving to a piece of prefelted material. She is making a fun design.


A close up look at her picture in progress.


She also wanted to make a doll. I used white to shape the body and then we used colorful roving over the top of the form.


Her name is Catalina.


I am sure there will be more fun fiber work to come! I think my grandma would approve 🙂


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