Mindfulness…Standing at my Door

on June 10, 2013

Most mornings Gaia, our one year old lab mix, and I go on a walk. We have walked in the snow, cold, rain, wind, sun, and fog but on all of these walks I get time to think. Sometimes I think about the weather and the landscape around me, sometimes I think about what I need to get done that day, and sometimes I think over a problem I am having. I love this time, even when I don’t really want to get out of bed.

When I get back to my door I always find myself at a transition from my alone time into the world of my family. To prepare for this transition I stand at my door and quietly take three breathes, three seems like the right number to me.  During these breathes, I give myself time to turn my mind toward my family and become ready to give hugs, read books, make breakfast, get a band-aid, switch the laundry, or what ever is needed when I come through the door.

These breathes, this pause, helps me to move into something new. I have used this during other times of the day as well. After a busy morning of errands we can come home frazzled, so before I get out of the van I take a breathe and then move into my work at home. I have the kids take a breathe after playing in the yard before we sit down for a story. By taking this moment to prepare our minds for a transition we can make each activity in our day a little easier to begin.



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