Happy Valentine’s Day

A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry all my love for you.

This morning we spent making valentine’s for each other. What a great way to remember that they do really like each other 🙂



Happy Valentine’s Day!

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This Moment…The Tree

Every year our family goes to cut down our Christmas tree. I know this is a moment they will always remember.

There have been sunny time, snowy times, rainy times, windy time, and this year it was just kind of cloudy.


Off to find a tree.


The search continues.


Trees, trees everywhere and none that are just right.


She likes them all.


Found it!


Time to cut it down.


Awww 🙂


Just a bit too tall.


A lot of sap! Next time gloves.


Tree’s up, with lights on.




Oh, his hand used to be so small!TOSHIBA CAMCORDER

Merry Christmas!

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St Nick’s Day



Today was St. Nick’s Day. This is a day I have celebrated since I was a little girl and love sharing with my children now. I remember waking up and seeing what was left by good St. Nick. When I was little I did not know much about him or the stories about the man but I have found some wonderful things at the St. Nicolas Center. The new things I have learned make me love this day more than when I was a kid. St. Patrick is known as the patron saint of children. When he was young his parents died and  left him money and a love of God. With this he went on to be Bishop Nicolas of Myra. He remembered his suffering from the loss his parents and did good deeds for children when ever he could. Now he comes on the night of his birthday and brings children the things they need.



My children got fruit, a few coins, a book, and a candy cane. This is such a nice day to celebrate and enjoy a small gift before the over abundance at Christmas. The St. Nicolas Story shown above was a winner! All the the kids loved it, great for kids  8 and under. The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy was also a wonderful story about the birth of Jesus and how amazing he was. King Beetle Tamer has adventure stories, which Killian really enjoys.



Here is my attempt at a Saint Nicolas cookie. The kids seemed to like it! This went with a story called The Baker’s Dozen.

I think spending the week talking about St. Nick had them looking forward to this day and I really liked how they loved the stories. And now we are headed toward Christmas and the return of the sun. I love this time of year!



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The year has turned it’s circle

The seasons come and go

The harvest is all gathered in 

The chilly north winds blow

Orchards have shared their treasures

The fields their yellow grain

So open wide the doorway

Thanksgiving’s come again

Here is our seasonal wreath with everyone’s hand print turkeys.

Delaney helping cut up the apples for the stuffing.

A little bit of wine. Yes I am using a jelly jar for a glass 🙂

Turkey’s done! Justin grilled the turkey and it was delicious.

Time to carve.

The kids set the table earlier in the day. Our tradition is for everyone to write something they are thankful for on their name cards. Then we hang them on our thanksgiving branch with the ones from previous years.

Liam was thankful for root beer.

Having fun!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

I ho


Happy Halloween


It is Halloween and their goblins about! This morning we woke up to ghosties in the pumpkin patch. Willow witch and Pumpkin witch were surprised to find them floating around the garden. These little ghosties were found at Wee Folk Art and were very simple to make.

Yesterday evening we did our annual pumpkin carving.

This year we got out the power tools. Look at the determination on Liam’s face!

Here are the finished products. Yes the third one says “Da Bears”.


Superhero stance for sure 🙂


What a scary vampire!

Happy Halloween!

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In autumn St. Michael with sword and with shield

Travels over meadow, and orchard, and field.

He’s on the path to battle darkness and strife

He’s our heavenly warrior defender of life. 

Michaelmas,  or the Feast Day of Saint Michael, is celebrated on September 29th as a harvest festival and a festival of strong will. Michael is known for defeating Lucifer in the battle of heaven and is known as a protector during the dark time of year. To me this day represents the ability to  find my inner strength to be able to work though hard things. Micheal also represent my confidence, determination, and bravery  to set out on new paths. This year my new path has been to begin this blog and work on crafting for things to come. On Michaelmas I am also reminded that when the path I have chosen is difficult it does not mean I should turn around and run away but move forward through the gloom and find the sun again. I look forward to the inner energy I feel at this time of year.

For the kids we talk about how Saint Michael can help us be brave when we are scared or strong when we are weak. We started with the story of  Saint George and the Dragon, I used the Saint George story in The Book of Dragons as inspiration and we laid out a story scene to accompany the story. The kids took turns acting out the story by playing the parts of the dragon or Saint George.

After acting out the story, Killian wrote a short summary in his lesson book. I have also been reading the Michaelmas chapters out of The Festival of Stones: Autumn and Winter Tales of Tiptoes Lightly. This is a wonderful book and he has other stories in this series that my kids just love.

This week we also made dragon bread. Here is a picture of our dragon bread ready to go in the oven. I was going to do raisins and nuts to decorate but forgot to buy nuts at the store, so we used frosting, sprinkles, and coconut instead. They turned out pretty good.

We also painted dragons, here is our work in progress.

This is Killian’s painting of the dragon, mine is the second one. I have found doing my own project while the kids do there’s keeps them on task and they are more likely to take their time.

On Saturday, Michaelmas Day, I will be telling a Saint Micheal story from All Year Round. As I tell the story we make a harvest bread loaf. Then we will journey forth bursting with energy and full of brave deeds.

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